invisible houses / Justin Parr @ vtrue artspace

This is a collection of images from my last show, titled "invisible houses." This show incorporated elements of photography within sculpture and painting as well as a strong sense of home and community. At the same time it was none of these things, and very much a pointed statement about or own very uncertain futures. Feel free t email me with questions. I'd like to point out that : 1.the mailboxes are from my home in Boerne TX, I abscounded with them when they were replaced to make room for suburbia. 2.the log is a giant solid piece of Yanaguana Bog Oak , smoothed out and dyed by years in the San Antonio River 3.the nuke symbol is also from the same bog in the sa river and is contructed of concrete, it was used to hold back flood waters in the early 50's. 4.the three piece walls were constructed entirely for this show and installation 5. the ten foot composite image is a shot of the desert at night, with a solid sculptural figure being reperesented in the middle. 6.The Majority of the images used within the work were shot on or around Marfa TX, Highway 17, or Secret Live Oak Road.

invisible houses / Justin Parr @ vtrue artspace by Justin Parr