RIDER Project cell2Cell2CELL



(Trucking Times, Netting Times, Unstoppable Systems to the Third)

September 7-16, 2006

Exhibiting in Williamsburg, Chelsea, Harlem, Bedford-Stuyvesant,
Olympus Fashion Show, Glowlab’s CONFLUX and
outside of the Whitney Museum of American Art


RIDER Project 2006 presents cell2Cell2CELL>= Trucking Times, Netting Times, Unstoppable Systems to the Third.  This collaborative group exhibition is located within, on, above and around a Ryder truck, traveling throughout New York City.  RIDER Project 2006 is fueled by bio-diesel.

cell2Cell2CELL>= includes painting, sculpture, video, performance, installation, drawing, photography and mixed-media works by 43 international artists.  Referencing Marcel Duchamp’s Network of Stoppages/Réseaux des stoppages étalon (1914) as well as the ‘mending’ nature of the French word ‘stoppage’ the mobile RIDER Project 2006 and the cell2Cell2CELL>= exhibition posit a biological connection between moving art and cultural healing. 


The RIDER Project is a mobile art gallery and experimental exhibition space located in the back of a rented Ryder truck.  Based in the social sculpture ideas of Joseph Beuys, the RIDER Project is staffed and funded by participating artists who act as an ever-evolving collaborative, recombining into a different form with each exhibition. Using Guerilla tactics of social intervention, reduced cost and maximum visibility, the mobile Rider Project brings artwork directly to people, circumventing economic market structures and cultural constraints.  Participating artists create the form and culture of each exhibition and interject them into neighborhoods stimulating cultural dialogue and a participatory Socratic space.  Neighborhood residents interact with exhibiting artists engaging in a vital exchange of thoughts, feelings and experiences, forging new cultural links. The RIDER Project delivers art to New York City through a dynamic akin to blood circulating through an organism.  As blood provides oxygen and essential nutrients, so art offers new ideas and experiences, and revitalizes the social body through inspiration.


The RIDER Project is founded and directed by Michele Gambetta




The RIDER Project is sponsored, in part, by the Greater New York Arts Development Fund of the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, administered by the Brooklyn Arts Council, Inc. (BAC), and was fiscally sponsored in 2003 by the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council.