Hous on St. (Luminaria 2008 installation w/ Skyler Saucedo)


Interactive sound and light installation using 9 hand wired Theremin instruments and 14 Justin Parr Mylar Sculptures in the old "Houston Street Live" venue on Houston St, in San Antonio, TX. 


Infrared sensors were placed at the entrance and exit of the space, as well as interspersed along the walls and hanging from the ceiling.  These infrared sensors would react to the red light that was being projected around the room via a loose network of clear lines and red LED's attached to my Mylar sculptures(the red rings).

60 individual mylar pieces were given out to people who form my loose knit "community," as well as people who showed a high amount of interest in taking part in the project.  The mylar elements out on the streets during the performance served as beacons from the installation, simultaneously calling home, while expanding their own reach and finally going home with their wearer/owner.