home. (Three Walls Gallery May 2008)


The mergeing of two of my concentrations within my experience based work. 

Sod & its various elements.

Lines or unseen networks, and/or communities.


This show was unique for me in several ways.  First, all pieces were up for bid, with starting bids at $350.00.  All three works were an edition of three, with the first of the edition being the one hung in the show. Second, I carpeted the entire gallery in sod, in an attempt to seperate my crowd from their setting, I also required that all shoes must be removed to view the show.  The carpet grass in even very small amounts serves as a smell and memory trigger, and the images are vague enough that your brain takes no time to start suggesting different ideas and meanings to you based on your own history.  The truth of the images is strong enough on their own, but totally un-needed for the experience.  Several different events were held on the grass, such as a night picnic & video screening.  A ceremonial lawn cutting was held on the closing date so people could take home their very own dead rectangle of sod (free art?).